HABITAT: “It sure is quiet around here”. . .

Every year, around this time, most of the Indian River Habitat office staff jump onto a silver bird and head North (well, if you consider Atlanta North) for the annual Habitat for Humanity National Affiliate Conference. I’ve never been, but I hear its inspiring: some 2,000 people representing 500 affiliates, 47 states (oops! Alaska, New Hampshire and North Dakota will be required to write a 500-word essay).

There were exhibits and workshops and “Big Name in the Habitat World” speakers, including 45 international guest speakers – from such far places as New Zealand, Nicaragua, Cameroon, Kyrgyzstan. I expect our guys will come back all fired up and filled with lots of great ideas.

It’s exciting to be a part of an organization that is – without question – a powerful global force for good, an organization that is grass roots stable and worldwide influential.

The results of what we – that includes volunteers, staffers and board members – do for and with our various affiliates is not virtual, but actual – real, simple, clear, easy to see – a poured concrete foundation supporting a basic, decent house and a family inside who has made it a home, in large part with their own “blood, sweat and tears.

If you have never had the opportunity to help build a Habitat house, believe me, it is one of the most amazing, satisfying, surprising and powerful experiences you will ever have. Working and sweating, wielding a hammer, sawing a board side by side with people from every kind of occupation, income, age, education, ethnicity – that is a great leveler, an excellent perspective adjuster. If you have a chance to do it – DO IT!

In any case, while most of our little Habitat family have Georgia on their minds, we here in the office are moseying in around 10, leaving by 2, roller blading in the hallways, raiding the potato chip pantry, and partying up a storm.


Oh, and I have this bridge I’m trying to sell.

Actually, the quiet is kind of nice for a while – not so many interruptions,- – and we’re getting things done. But it’ll be nice to see everyone back come Monday. (OK, ladies, hide those rollerblades and sweep up the chips.)

Have a good one.

Sam Baita, Public RelationsIndian River Habitat for Humanity 772.562.9860 X220sbaita@irchabitat.org

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