PET PARADE: Early Morning Stalker

Monday, the first workday morning of daylight savings time, I was walking my dogs in the dark. My neighborhood doesn’t have streetlights, so I try to be safety conscious.

I wear reflective clothes and a flashing light so motorists can see me. Somewhere in the gloom, I heard a jingle, like a bell or some ID tags. The jingle got closer and a young black cat appeared a few feet away from me. Or might I say me and my two 50-pound-plus dogs?

This cat must live with dogs because he had no fear. He walked right up to my 12-year-old hound mix and gave her a friendly butt with his head.

At least I interpreted it as friendly.

My dog Dale was appalled.

She backed away, but the silly kitty came up and butted her again. This time she snapped, clearly missing the cat but giving a big warning. Which the cat totally ignored.

It then made overtures to my Border Collie. He was fascinated, sniffing and curious, but not too sure about what to do.

Before the kitty became a snack, I continued my walk home. That cat followed us all the way there, then picked up my neighbor walking his dog and followed them!

This was a funny harmless experience.

But I do feel sorry for the cat. Where does it live and who are its people? Life on the streets is dangerous.

There are cars and a variety of wildlife that could bring this sweet cat to an early demise.

Not all dogs would be as tolerant or even on leash.

If you love you pet, keep them inside or on a leash where they are safe.

Not just dogs, but our feline friends, too. Cissy Sumner, CPDT-KA Best Behavior Dog Training Member, Board of Directors, CCPDT APDT #062323 AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator #13985 Vero Beach, FL 772-978-7863


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