BUZZ: Techno grandpa, fast food sushi, and boogers

As I approach 30 I’ve been watching my health a little closer – the fast food sushi in the second video is definitely something I’ll be staying away from.

Worms, boogers, toothpicks, dogs and Play-Doh, what do you tweet about? Feel free to comment using more than 140 characters below. Happy clicking,



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“Gabbi and I are early birds..where’s our worm?”

“So, my son woke up a comedian…. He was calling me to come get him from his crib and said “Mommy, I have something for you…” and I said, what’s that buddy??” and he said “A BOOGIE” and held up his finger to show me…. LOL”

“Make today a day for the fancy toothpicks 🙂 “

“SERIOUSLY! I haven’t even put the vacuum away…and the DOG is already back on the couch!! (btw we have a no dog on the couch policy in our home…she simply disagrees with it!)”

“The girl that walked by smelt like Play-Doh”

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