CAMERA: “Photographers don’t get hit”

During the recent baseball game between Vero Beach and Sebastian River at the Vero Beach Sports Village, one of the Vero Beach coaches said (before the game) that photographers never get hit by baseballs.

I should have known I was in for it after the coach said that.

The conversation came up because I wear a helmet when I shoot baseball or softball.

Wouldn’t you know it, half way through the game I hear “watch out!” and then … thud.

I didn’t see it coming; I didn’t see the ball. I was waiting to get a shot at second from the third-base side when it happened.

I got nailed by a foul ball.

It broke a 10-year streak of never getting hit.

But it gets better – or worse – depending on who’s paying my insurance premium.

Later in the game, I again hear “watch out!”

Not a foul ball this time. Instead, one of the players let the bat fly.

Thankfully, that didn’t hit me – but it did go past third base by about 10 feet.

At that point the coaches thought I might be a lightning rod and asked me to leave. (Just kidding.)

I finished out the game with nothing else flying toward me, except for a gnat.

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