PET PARADE: AnxietyWrap could help pooch with storm phobia

One thing about summer in Florida is thunderstorms.

Last year my dog Dale participated in a study about the effectiveness of a new product called an Anxiety Wrap. This is a tight stretchy shirt that she wears as soon as we notice a storm is coming.

Dale has thunderstorm phobia and shakes and pants as soon as there is the slightest inkling a storm is approaching.

The Anxiety Wrap really helped her with her fears. Each time we used it, she calmed down faster and was able to relax a bit sooner.

The wrap is relatively easy to use and can be left on for the duration of the storm.

I’m not sure I would leave it on a young active dog if I was not home to monitor the situation.

Dale actually came to love her shirt. I hold it up and she puts her head right in!

My only complaint is it is so snug, it’s a bit difficult to put on. After the study ended, I gave the Anxiety Wrap to my younger more flexible dog.

I got Dale a Thundershirt.

This is the same idea, a snug fitting wrap, but uses Velcro to get it on and off. It is easier for an older arthritic dog.

You might give one of these products a try if your dog has a thunderstorm phobia.

I’ll bet any tight fitting shirt would work!

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