EATS: Too many assignments leads to new chef in kitchen

It pains me to admit this – but here goes…for all my blogging about planning meals and making dishes to feed off for a week…well, I’ve failed.

I haven’t made a casserole this week – or the week before. I haven’t planned a menu, either.

I’ve been so caught up in work – dashing from government meeting to community event to government meeting, sometimes leaving one to get to another only to turn around and head to the first when the second’s over.

Your head spinning yet? Thought so.

Left to fend for himself – and ensure that I’ll have more than a box of mac and cheese or can of green beans – Hubby has stepped up to the stove and knocked meal after meal out of the park!

(You know Hubby as Keith Carson, Visual Journalist for

It’s only taken nearly five years of being married for me to discover the hidden talent of my husband. (He’ll be sorry!)

When I went out of town for a day to spend time with family, Keith called to say he had cooked up lemon pepper salmon and green beans. If it had been me, alone, I’d have had cereal, or pizza, or fast food. If you couldn’t tell, I don’t like to cook for just my lonesome, too much effort.

He also remembered the chuck roast thawing in the fridge after I ran out of the house to get to a county commission meeting.

Never a fan of crock-pot pot roast, Keith nevertheless found a recipe, whipped it together and let it cook all day. When I got home that evening from covering school superintendent interviews, county commission and the like, nothing smelled better than opening the door and getting a whiff of the pot roast.

So, Hubby has picked up some ideas and instruction from watching me in the kitchen as well as watching the shows I watch on the Food Network and Cooking channels.

It’s nice to know that when I’m out of pocket at assignments, Keith won’t starve to death – and more than likely, supper will be waiting for me.

Happy Eats!Debbie

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