HABITAT: Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot…

When tempted to grouse about the heat, all you have to do is watch the Weather Channel for about 5 seconds, and our Florida temps don’t seem all that bad.

Is it just me, or does the weather this year – pretty much all over the globe – seem just a bit – ferocious?

Floods, mud slides, tsunamis, earthquakes, snow, tornadoes, dust-nadoes (never heard that one before).

I’m going to be grateful and keep my mouth shut about my limp hair and sweaty brow.

During these 90s-plus days, we have even greater admiration for our stalwart jobsite supervisors and volunteer crews who are Out There In It, keeping the construction moving along and Habitat’s mission sailing forward.

National Women Build Week is coming up, the first of next month, and we’re looking for mothers and daughters, sisters, aunts – all you gals who would like to give a bit of your precious time to get a little dusty and sweaty for Habitat.

It’s fun.


We’ll teach you what you need to know and, believe me, it’ll be an experience you’ll always remember.

Call Jesse Schmitt – (772) 562-9860 x212, and she’ll get you aimed in the right direction.

Stay cool and have a good one.

Sam Baita, Public RelationsIndian River Habitat for Humanity (772) 562-9860 x220sbaita@irchabitat.org

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