TECH CHICK: Internet Lingo, how to understand the Internet Language

I was asked recently what LOL was. From my 77-year-old mother who has only had interaction with my laptop, in trepidation of course. She thought it was going to transform into a coffee maker or toaster.

Well this is one year after seeing my laptop, and though she tries very hard to be as we say in our family “modern” – unfortunately she’s still behind the times. She still calls DVDs CDs… even though I’ve explained what each is to her enough times.  Lovely woman though, she’s the originator of “Spam.”

Remember back in the ’80s when jokes were passed around through jokes being copied at Kinko’s? Well I do.

Mostly because she had me go do it for her though I protested.

So… she thought it was “Love Out Last.”


I laughed, but not too heartily knowing she’d be upset if I laughed too hard.

I gently explained to her it meant “Laugh Out Loud.”

Promptly she told me she liked her version better.

Oh parents… you gotta love them.

So in honor of her, here is an online dictionary of what the Internet language means.

If you already know most of them, it can be a laugh and a half.

If you don’t know what they mean, well, it will make you a rock star in your family! And at no cost to you.

No shipping or handling.

Happy Computing,Ressa

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