Guns stolen in burglaries in Central Beach

VERO BEACH – Thieves broke into two Central Beach homes earlier this month, and owners reported five firearms were stolen in the June 7th and June 10th thefts.

Residents are concerned about the break-ins and hope this summer is not a repeat of last year when burglars also targeted the area.

Thieves last year hit Central Beach homes without dogs when residents were away for the evening or a weekend, and concentrated on stealing household jewelry.

Residents learned at a Vero Beach Police Department sponsored neighborhood crime watch meeting last week that two handguns were stolen in a mid-afternoon burglary of a home in the 700 block of Silver Shores Road.

Three days later, three shotguns were reported stolen from a home on the 600 block of Holly Road.

The front door was forced open on Silver Shores Road.

A sliding glass door was shattered with a paver brick on Holly Road.

No one was home at either residence at the time of the burglaries.

Investigators have no suspects, police said.

Rosemary White, who heads up the Central Beach Crime Watch, said she is concerned that crime near her home was “not slowing down.”

White recently drafted a letter which she is handing out to neighbors urging the Vero Beach City Council not to cut the police department budget during workshop sessions July 18-22.

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