TECH CHICK: Ready, willing and able to answer your tech questions

My dear Readers,

I am sorry I have been gone so long, as life has thrown me a few curveballs! But I am back, fresh and new, and ready to answer any and all questions you have regarding computers. Usually I have something that happens to one of my friends or family that inspires me to write, but unfortunately, nothing has really happened or if it has happened it’s too complicated for me to write about. My husband wanted me to write about how to switch out the internal battery of older computers. It’s the battery that helps your computer keep the correct time when it’s shut off. But do you want to know how to do this? I want to know what questions our readers have about computers. I am here for you!!!!

I am throwing this out there, in a way begging for you to let me help answer anything you want to know or had a question about. I am truly interested in what people have questions about, or what they don’t understand. So either post me a message, or send me an e-mail @ I am looking forward to answering anything you have to ask!!!!

Happy Computing!!!!!

Ressa Kinnear

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