EATS: No measuring cup? No problem!

I’ve been of the morning habit lately of making a bowl of real oatmeal – you know, the kind that comes in a tall, round tube and requires boiling water on the stove?

This morning the routine was almost derailed…due to the lack of a liquid measuring cup. The cup I typically use to measure out the water was buried under a heap of dirty dishes. The other measuring cup we’ve got was grimy with oil from a recent baking project.

What to do?!

Turns out that some of the plastic food containers we have are actually marked with measuring lines.


I grabbed the medium-sized container, looked for the 8-ounce hash and began filling.

Breakfast was on.

Have you had to be a little creative in the kitchen due to dirty dishes? What have you swapped out to get the cooking job done? I’d like to hear from you, so either leave your comments below or email

Happy Eats!Debbie

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