EATS: Lemony goodness brings back taste of Summer

Looking for a sweet treat that wouldn’t wreck my sort-of diet, I stumbled across a mini-muffin recipe that sent me back to Summer, despite the chill of Winter.

Those muffins have kept me living in a Summer state of mind even while doing Christmas shopping and wrapping presents. Making the muffins a bit more healthy than say your traditional bakery variety, the recipe calls for oat flour instead of all-purpose flour, non-fat yogurt instead of oil, and egg whites instead of whole eggs.

Also, using a mini-muffin pan instead of a full-sized muffin pan, portion control becomes a little easier.

Or so I thought…

I hate to admit it, but the mini-muffins were so cute and tiny that they were extremely difficult to resist!

Instead of eating just one while waiting for my water to come to boil for my oatmeal breakfast, I’d find myself snagging two of them.

The muffins disappeared too quickly.

Oh well, that just means once the Christmas cookies are gone, it’ll be time for me to whip up another batch of muffins and hope to undo the damage done by the sugary sweets over the holidays.


Happy Holidays and Happy Eats!



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