E-FIT: Working out at home? How’s it working out?

Welcome to our newest blog – E-Fitness! I have recently gotten into working out at home, using electronics in lieu of a personal trainer.

I really don’t have time to hit the gym – and I don’t have the money for a personal trainer – but I do have a game system and a couple “games” that claim to help trim waistlines and tone muscles. So, I want to ask – if you’re working out at home, how’s it working out for you?

This blog is meant to serve as a way to hold myself accountable for working out and, in turn, perhaps serve as inspiration for others who are considering taking their workout home with them.

I can already tell you that working out at home doesn’t have some of the benefits working out at the gym has – but, it does offer some flexibility and cuts out the insecurity I, for one, have felt out in the “real” world of work outs.

It’s not meant as a how-to guide or an endorsement of any particular game system or “game.” And, at this point, I feel as though I need to give a disclaimer *Check with your physician prior to beginning any workout regimen.*

I hope you enjoy reading about my trials and tribulations in home-workout – I promise it will be humorous, tongue-in-cheek, and not totally serious. I suspect I will mock the “trainer,” mock myself, and who knows what else.


Just e-fit!


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