New Vero business raises the bar on fitness goals

VERO BEACH — Whether you pound the pavement daily or haven’t seen the inside of a gym since high school, a new fitness program offered at Artistry in Motion in downtown Vero may be the key to changing your attitude about fitness. The Barre Method classes boast an intensely-paced, non-impact program that sculpts the entire body.  Master instructor Joanna Adamson says “The 50-year-old practice has become widely popular among savvy fitness enthusiasts in larger cities nationwide, and I’m thrilled to be the first to make it available in our community.”

Originally a blend of ballet conditioning and physical therapy, The Barre Method has evolved over time into a total-body regimen that combines unique strengthening exercises for the arms, legs and seat, with core conditioning and yoga stretches that produce dancer-like qualities such as power, grace, flexibility and stamina.  It has earned rave reviews in many publications including People, Self and Health magazines and has attracted a following of film and television personalities such as Drew Barrymore and Kelly Ripa.

The classes, formerly available only to local private club members, are offered Tuesdays and Thursdays at 14th Avenue dance studio Artistry in Motion.  The Barre Method offers Vero’s fitness enthusiasts a fresh perspective on familiar principles of strength, flexibility, posture, balance and range of motion.

However, Joanna points out, “You are going to get a more challenging workout and achieve a higher level of fitness that you would from the average yoga or Pilates class.”

Students represent a wide range of fitness levels and accommodations are made for previous injuries and other limitations.  Many students find that, over time, the classes help rehabilitate nagging physical challenges.  Longtime devotee Christina Masseau says “I have struggled with back issues all my life, but the Barre Method has helped to realign my spine and strengthen the muscles that support it.” Locally, the Barre Method is also popular among those who enjoy golf, tennis, running, and other high-impact workouts but are seeking to round out their exercise program.

Joanna adds, “The Barre Method is very challenging, but can be learned at the individual’s own pace.  Within weeks students find that they are changing their bodies and reaching goals they never thought possible.”  Joanna Adamson was trained and certified by program pioneer Burr Leonard of the Bar Method™ in Connecticut (formerly the Lotte Berk Method™) and has been teaching for over a decade.

Classes are now underway and space is limited.  Students are asked to bring a yoga mat and small hand weights.

Reservations are not accepted in advance, and the cost is $12 per class or $100 for a 10-punch card.

For further information call Joanna Adamson at 584-0324.

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