Night Vero council meeting to address accountability

VERO BEACH — When the City Council meets at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Councilman Brian Heady said he intends to again bring up the contract with the Orlando Utilities Commission for what he sees as grave mistakes in negotiating the deal and an abdication of the city’s fiduciary responsibility to its citizens.

In his matters, Heady has listed an item entitled, “Malfeasance, Misfeasance and Nonfeasance,” terms which he says applies to a variety of elected and employed officials at City Hall. Heady blames the past and present City Council for not reading documents and for taking staff at its word about too many important issues. He blames staff for what he considers a lack of transparency, which he asserts has on occasion risen to the level of deception.

  Regarding the OUC contract, Heady said he has still not seen or reviewed the original document that was in the room with council members on April 7, 2008. Heady said he was told that consultant Sue Hersey brought the document with her from Boston on Feb. 2, but then took it back to Massachusetts with her.

Also on Heady’s matters is an expected presentation by former Mayor David Gregg, who served in the 1970s. Gregg, a resident of the Moorings, has become a staunch advocate of selling off the city’s power plant and electric system to a power provider, preferably Florida Power and Light. Former City Manager John Little, now retired and living in Fellsmere, may assist Gregg with the presentation. Both men are in their 80s.

Despite being chastised for speaking at the Board of County Commissioners meeting last month, Heady is on the county agenda to speak again Tuesday morning. Depending on what comments he makes there, Heady’s repeat appearance at the county might also spark some debate when the Vero council meets a few hours later.


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