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Designer defends effectiveness of Spoonbill Marsh

The designer of the county’s Spoonbill Marsh recently defended the county’s water purification f

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Opposition to new Orchid Publix mounts among island neighbors

A growing group of Old Orchid residents say they and many of their neighbors oppose Publix’s plan

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Woman makes off with rings from Village Shops boutique

For the past two weeks, Indian River Shores police have been trying to track down a woman suspected

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Witnesses build drug case against Johnny Benjamin

FORT LAUDERDALE – One by one, prosecutors paraded witnesses into a federal courtroom this past wee

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County: No money for railroad overpasses

Most of the county’s population resides west of the railroad tracks, and both of its local hospita

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Lifeguards say more towers needed to cope with increase in beachgoers

Vero Beach lifeguards say they need a new observation tower and command center at Humiston Park, so

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Island resident gets 7 years for fraud in Connecticut

An island resident has been sentenced to seven years in federal prison for defrauding investors of $

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Shores keeps eye on Vero Electric sale

The next hurdle to closing the Vero electric sale to Florida Power & Light is to gain approval b

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Three applicants seek seat on Shores Town Council

COMMENTARY -- The Indian River Shores Town Council has three solid, qualified applicants to choose f

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State law on beaches seen solution to problem that doesn’t exist here

If you own a piece of oceanfront property – and have always wanted to keep the public from pitchin

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Accused killer of Simpson to defend himself in murder retrial

The man who has been serving a life sentence for the murder of Brian Simpson during the 2011 burglar

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‘Holding my son, I watched the flames in disbelief’

It was just after 6 a.m. on a Sunday morning when I woke to screams of “Help.”  I roused my hus