Pet Parade: Let’s get physical!

The weather has cooled off a bit. Are your pets more active?

Even my senior dog is grabbing toys and running around like a puppy. If you are increasing your pets exercise, remember to do it at a gradual pace.

You don’t want your dog to feel like a weekend warrior! Particularly if your dog is older or overweight – a gradual return to fitness it the best plan.

I take both my dogs for a short walk together. I then go back out and take my younger dog on a much longer walk.

The exercise is great for me and keeps the canines happy. Now that the temperature is more moderate, both dogs are going a bit longer, but in phases so we don’t get sore muscles.

Start your exercise program today. You and your pet will benefit.

Cissy Sumner, CPDT-KA Best Behavior Dog Training Member, Board of Directors, CCPDT APDT #062323 AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator #13985 Vero Beach, FL 772-978-7863

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