Tropical low on verge of becoming depression

By Lisa Zahner | Last updated 1 p.m.TROPICS — The tropical low which meteorologists have been watching the past few days is showing some signs of getting better organized. At the 8 a.m. report, it had winds of about 35 mph, up from 30 mph last night. The National Hurricane Center in Miami is giving this system a 50 percent or better chance of tropical cyclone formation in the next 48 hours.Invest 94, which the system is being called, would need to reach a steady speed of at least 39 mph to be declared a Tropical Depression. Computer models are in slightly better agreement today and have the storm continuing west northwest, or in the general direction of Florida. At its current forward speed of 10 mph, this system would be about a week away from the U.S. mainalnd.NOAA Hurricane Hunters will fly through the system at 2 p.m., which will provide more accurate data on its current strength and potential to become a Tropical Depression.Should further development occur and this system become the next Tropical Depression sometime today or Wednesday, check back for a Tropical Update from Nathan McCollum.

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