Shy and sweet Daisy May’s a mommy’s girl to the max!


Daisy May Lafond is a tiny, delicate liddle grrl: a mini-mixture of Chuh-wawa an Dox-hund (humans say chi-weenie). She an her Mom came to my place for the innerview an we had a very pleasant yap, with Daisy May sitting on her Mom’s lap almost the entire time.

Daisy May’s black with white bib, snout, cheeks an eyebrows, a black stripe down her nose, large bright eyes and EXTRA big ears, an she wore a pink collar sparkling with Doggie Diamonds. All-in-all she was Quite Adorable. An shy.

Me an my assistant welcomed them, an we got SIT-chew-ated in the living room. It was sorta thundery outside, an Miss Daisy was already kinda nervous about that, so I decided to forgo the usual Wag-an-Sniff.

“I greatly appreciate you agreeing to an innerview, Miss Daisy,” I told her, then noticed she was shiverin’. “Are you chilly? Would you like a blanket?”

“Oh, that is very gra-shus of you, Mr. Bonzo,” she said in a soft liddle voice. “But I’m fine.

Really. I just get ner-vous in new places. An the thunder is a liddle scary, too. I really am excited about the innerview. It’s my first! I’ll just stay here on Mommy’s lap if that’s OK.

Her name’s Dianna. Daddy’s Dave. He’s workin’.”

“You’re totally fine right where you are,” I said. “So tell me how you an your Mom found each other.”

“My breeder had brought my litter to a puppy store in a very big place called Mell-burn Mall. There were other litters of other breeds there, too. My Mommy wasn’t lookin’ for a dog whatsoever. She was just there with her fren, who was the one lookin’ for a dog. We were just 8 weeks old, an didn’t know what was what. I was just sittin’ by myself thinkin’ about puppy stuff, I guess. I was much smaller than I am now, only 2 anna haff pounds.

I’m 6 pounds now! Anyway, I happened to spot Mommy. It was kinda funny, but I was thinkin’, ‘That’s my Mommy. Hi, Mommy!’ So I stood up an went over to the glass an woofed an wagged an whined.”

“That’d do it,” I thought to myself. Her Mommy wudda totally been toast.

“Mommy asked the puppy store person if she could hold me,” Miss Daisy continued. “Of course she did, an her fren said later, ‘I KNEW the minute you picked her up you were gonna get that puppy!’ I knew it too, Mr. Bonzo. So that was that.”

“What was it like at first in your Furever Home?”

“It was lovely. Mommy says I learned Basic Puppy Stuff pretty quick, like what to do an what to not do. I did on occasion (when I became involved in playin’) accidently P on Mommy’s floor. But when I’m out in the yard runnin’ around (I ADORE runnin’ around) an I get to the edge of the grass an Mommy yells DAISY MAY, YOU GET BACK IN THE YARD!!’ I promptly do it.

“Mommy got me lotsa toys, and she already had pooch beds an stuff cuz turned out I have a Step Big Brother: Boston, a Chuh-WaWa/Jack Russell mixture. He’s a trucker, works with his human trucker sidekick. They drive all over the country. Boy does he have stories to tell.

“Boston’s totally an Alpha, which is fine cuz, obviously, I’m So Not. I’m Mellow. He’s been my bestie since forever. He can be hyper. An bossie. An perhaps a tiny bit jealous (that’s the Jack Russell part, I pruh-zoom), but I’m OK with that. Plus, when he’s On the Road, I have my way, an when he’s home, we Cuddle, Cuddle, Cuddle.”

“Crispy Biscuits! What about favrite toys?

“I love my speshull ball. It’s soft enuf for me to grab even though my mouth isn’t very big. An soft, squishy squeaky toys are Way Cool Kibbles!”

“I noticed your lovely pink collar. Do you have speshul occasion clothes as well?”

“It’s my very favorite collar. I do love dressin’ up. I have lotsa dresses. AN puh-JAMMAS!

Except, one time Mommy purchased leather boots to keep my paw pads from getting burnt on the hot sidewalk, but I didn’t like ’em AT ALL. They were just weird.

“At Christmas, me an Boston get dressed up: He’s Santa Claws an I’m Mrs. Claws. We like nappin’ under the tree on the tree’s skirt: It puts us in the Christmas spirit, an we never eat the orna-mutts or lights.

“I’m a good traveler, too. I sit on Mommy’s lap the entire way. We got up to Myrtle Beach, which is elsewhere, not Florida. That’s pretty fun.

“Even though there’s, like, five pooch beds all over the house, I usually sleep behind Mommy’s knees.

“It’s fun when cousin Ritchie visits, an I love Mommy’s niece Chrissy an she loves me back. I enjoy the dog park. You can run for, like, MILES, but I’m usually the liddlest so I’m a bit shy, plus careful to not be run over.

“I getta bath twice a week which I’m not fond of but I do enjoy bein’ Clean an Odor Free.

“I also LOVE Belly Rubs an Spaghetti. An ice cream (people ice cream, not doggie ice cream), and puhtado chips (I get 2), an the chiggen and rice Mommy fixes me for dinner.”

“But My Favrite Thing in the World is Mommy. I prefer to be wherever she is. When she’s in the shower, I’m right there waiting on the mat. When she’s getting dressed, I’m on the bed makin’ a nest outta her clothes. When she’s watchin’ TV, I’m curled up on the arm of the chair watchin’ her. An when she comes home from Elsewhere (I don’t understand what’s so important about Elsewhere), I’m so overjoyed I hop, hop, hop on my back paws!(Which I’m ackshully very good at!)”

Heading home, I was picturin’ sweet liddle Miss Daisy May, as happy a pooch as ever there was, watching the world from the safety of her Mommy’s lap.

Till next time,

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