Fellsmere police investigate 10 vehicle burglaries

FELLSMERE — Ten vehicle burglaries – which occurred in nine separate locations since mid-May – remain under investigation by police, authorities said. The total value of the stolen items is nearly $20,000.

The burglaries happened at various times from May 17 to June 6. Five incidents involved stolen construction-related equipment, including concrete saws, nail guns and a generator, from unloaded pick-up trucks or trailers.

Three of those burglaries occurred at homes on the south side of County Road 512, between South Willow Street and South Myrtle Street, police said. Two involved unlocked vehicles in separate parking lots at the Sonrise Villas Apartments at 53 Sonrise Lane.

Police said the suspect(s) responsible are likely using vehicles and possibly trailers to haul away the stolen property. Investigators do not think the construction equipment burglaries are connected to the other burglaries.

The other vehicle burglaries occurred at unlocked vehicles parked at homes located on the south side of County Road 512, between South Willow Street and South Myrtle Street. Items such as cash, a laptop, wallets and purses were stolen in the thefts, police said.

Officers think one person on foot is committing those crimes.

Residents and construction-related business owners should take the following precautions:

  • Secure your vehicles and trailers
  • Park trailers where trailer doors are blocked by something that will prohibit the door from being opened such as a tree, another vehicle, or against a structure. Blocking doors in this manner will prohibit doors from being opened in the event a lock is cut.
  • Increase home security measures if possible (camera systems, exterior lighting, etc).
  • Report suspicious behavior immediately.



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