Property near Victoria Circle rezoned to general commercial use

VERO BEACH — The Indian River County Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved a request to redesignate two areas, each approximately 8.34 acres, on Indian River Boulevard to General Commercial use.

The first property is located on the southeast corner of 53rd Street and Indian River Boulevard, and the second is on the southwest corner of Indian River Boulevard and Grand Harbor Boulevard.

Several residents who live on Victoria Circle, nearby the 53rd Street property, posed questions to the Board and to the Community Development Director Stan Boling who recommended the changes.

Victoria Circle residents were collectively concerned about the type of buildings and businesses that could appear near their homes, traffic increases, and the open-ended-ness of the zoning changes or not knowing ahead of time what the owner of the property hopes to build there. Specifically, multiple residents voiced concerns of the possibility of a gas station on the property.

Though Boling said he did not have information on the owner planning to place a gas station on the property, that type of business would be allowed under the ordinance. Other businesses allowed include retail shops, restaurants, medical offices, or business offices. Warehouses would not be allowed.

Boling explained that there would be 400 feet of open land between the nearest residence on Victoria Circle, and a wide landscaping buffer would be used to separate the residential area from the new commercial area.

Prior to the vote, Commissioner Peter O’Bryan pointed out that under the current zoning regulations, a gas station would be allowed to be built on the property much closer to the residences on Victoria Circle.

O’Bryan said in his opinion, the zoning change will protect residents by putting almost 400 feet of space between the residential area and the new commercial area, and guarantee a landscaping buffer.

Boling encouraged concerned residents to provide him with their contact information and said he would update residents with future site plans as they become available.

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