EATS: Finding a better way – too little, too late

A little while ago Keith and I decided to re-evaluate our sugar intake. We switched to Splenda – can sprinkle it on fruit, bake with it, use it in coffee, so it made sense.

Because we primarily use it for sprinkling it in coffee and fruit, we bought a box of packets. So far, so good.

But then one day, I got the baking bug and decided to make muffins – substituting my regular white sugar with Splenda.

Do you know how many packets of Splenda it takes to make a half-cup? Neither do I because I was so worn out from tearing up the dozens upon dozens of packets I didn’t think to count them up.

Frankly, I think I subconsciously decided not to count out of self-preservation!

Keith, at least, thought to take a photo of the mound of packets – from about half-way through.

Though it took far too long and what seemed like an entire box of packets, the muffins did turn out rather tasty.

And, lesson learned.

When planning to bake – pick up a bag of Splenda, not the packets. It saves time, energy and sanity!

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