School Board approves $155,000/yr contract for new superintendent

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY – The Indian River County School Board has approved a 3-year contract for incoming Schools Superintendent Dr. Fran Adams worth $155,000 the first year.

“I feel great,” Dr. Adams said after the board meeting. “The first step is over.” The School Board unanimously approved the proposed contract, making one change as requested by Dr. Adams’s attorney regarding disability insurance.

School Board member Claudia Jimenez was absent from the meeting Tuesday evening due to a family emergency.

“This is significantly less than any other contract,” School Board member Carol Johnson said comparing Dr. Adams’s contract to that of other contracts she has seen over the years at the school district.

Johnson said it is a “lean, mean contract.”

Fellow board members agreed.

“This is an extremely fair contract,” School Board member Jeff Pegler said, adding he felt as though the contract minimizes Dr. Adams’s worth.

The 3-year contract will begin July 1, after current Superintendent Dr. Harry La Cava retires on June 30. After the 3-year term, the School Board will have the option to renew Dr. Adam’s contract on an annual basis.

Under the terms of the contract, Dr. Adams would be entitled to the same raises as would be granted to other administrators of the district who are not eligible for a step increase during that fiscal year.

“I would love to be able to say it was my excellent skills as a shrewd negotiator, however it was really Dr. Adams’s willingness to understand the economic situation she’s in,” School Board Chairman Matt McCain said.

McCain had been tasked with helping to negotiate the contract with Dr. Adams.

With the unanimous approval of the contract, members of the audience applauded and one person shouted “woo hoo!”

Dr. Adams quietly said “Thank you.”

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