Skaters appear happy with Sebastian Skate Park, not price survey shows

SEBASTIAN – The Sebastian Skate Park seems to continue being a hit for skaters in the area, a survey from the Sebastian Parks and Recreation Committee shows. But the price of admission continues to be an issue.

When dealing with surveys and youth it’s best to “read between the lines,” committee member Scott Simpson.

Of the 32 surveys returned, 40 percent said the $3 price is fair while the remaining 60 percent said it is too high.

As it is, the $3 admission does not cover the expenses the city incurs for running the Skate Park. The city spends approximately $35,000 annually on salaries, insurance, maintenance and other expenses but brings in about $8,000.

City Manager Al Minner said that the difference is made up in the city’s general fund because the Sebastian City Council wants the park to be used and the community wants the park.

Sebastian Parks and Recreation Committee members have discussed possibly changing the admission fee but wanted to wait until a survey was done to assess the issue.

Committee Chair Joanne White, who was absent from the meeting, had suggested dropping the fee by $1 as a way to perhaps increase attendance at the Skate Park.

“I think the dollar’s a good gesture,” Minner said.

He suggested that the committee conduct another survey in the summer when school is not in session and the weather is warmer.

According to the survey, skaters and staff would like to see the park fixed up. There are places within the park where the wood skate structures are beginning to deteriorate and screws are becoming exposed.

Minner said that city staff is aware and would be working to replace what needs to be replaced.

Skaters are also asking for new features at the park, including a concrete “bowl” – a bowl-shaped depression in the ground lined with concrete that skaters can perform tricks in.

Skaters would also like to not be required to wear a helmet.

“I don’t know how that’ll fly,” Simpson said, noting the city’s liability at the park.

The committee is not considering changing that rule at the Skate Park.

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