BUZZ: Social media mistakes, zombie cows, Matrix take two?

If laughter is therapeutic, this blog helps me live a longer life.

I’m constantly amused with what the human mind comes up with then shares through social media. Recently Jeopardy! had Watson on against their best human players. Has no one seen Matrix? Really!?!?

Also I’m starting to see a trend with parents. Social media seems to be a great outlet for their frustration with everyday family issues. Whatever works, I know I hear the stories from many of my friends through facebook and twitter.

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Top YouTube Videos:

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#youarebeautiful – People are tweeting about why they consider other people beautiful.

Social Media News:

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“On a Plumber’s truck: ‘We repair what your husband fixed.’ “

“Errant rabbit spotted near the 220v lines running to the A/C, shouted to her that nibbling on those would not be a good idea.”

“Zombie cows……”

“Seriously….I have 3 girls!! Okay…so when one doesn’t have an attitude today the other takes over? Really? They take turns?”

“Watching a video about dental crowns. Required watching. No popcorn.”

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