E-FIT: Working out just to get warm

You warm up before a workout – but have you ever worked out to get warm?

I woke up this morning to find the thermostat reading an interior temp of 67. Not the coldest it’s been, but not running the heat overnight does lead to a chilly wake up, especially when the thermometer outside says it’s barely 40! Most mornings, when it’s so cold outside and about as chilly inside, I would throw on a sweater, grab a throw blanket and hunker down to work from the kitchen table.

Not this morning – I did get my work done first, though. I shivered as I changed into my workout clothes and took solace that in a few moments I’d be doing marches and squats to get warm.

It worked without fail! Halfway through my warm-up, I was beginning to break a sweat and finally begin to feel my toes again.

I debated whether I should conclude my workout with a cool down, given the warm-up warmed me up. I decided I had better do the cool down to return my heart rate to normal – if I got too cold I knew I could grab a sweatshirt – which I did.

I do have to say, I’d much rather be too cold than too warm…you can always put on more clothes or grab more blankets, the reverse isn’t always possible!

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