BUZZ: Bieber, Serval cats, and Cockroaches for Valentine’s Day?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Married, single or dating – everyone seems to be talking about Valentine’s Day. But if you really care about your significant other, what wouldn’t you do?

I bet it wouldn’t involve a cockroach, check out the links section for that tidbit. Happy Clicking,



Top YouTube Videos:

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Serval Swat to the Dome –

Top Crazy post:

How to cuddle with an elephant seal –


#HeartShapedPizza – Send a heart-shaped thin crust pizza with one topping & a Cinnapie for Valentine’s Day!

Social Media News:

Facebook Makes It Easier For Your Friends To Work For Advertisers

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Is Social Media Affecting Your Relationship With Your Kids? –


“…watching the Super Bowl again on the NFL Network. I think the Steelers will win it this time.”

“If I worked at a restaurant on Valentine’s Day I would put a fake engagement ring in every girl’s drink.”

“REQUEST: Anyone receiving chocolates and can not eat them or finish the box, I am here.”

“OK..I did pull up my ‘big-girl’ panties and it got me a wedgie!”

“I have noticed that out of state license plates out number FLA plates!! LOL”


Would You Name A Cockroach After Your Girlfriend For Valentine’s Day? –

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