New Children’s Book by local author available only at ELC

WABASSO ISLAND – Vero Beach resident, Nancy Hopwood, has written a new children’s book called “Bobcat on Gracewood Lane.”  In the 1950’s Nancy’s Grandparents built a small, beach house on land they owned on the south barrier island, calling the sandy, bumpy road Little Gracewood. As a child Nancy stayed in the beach house for a month every year and still remembers the wild animals that lived in the lush habitat. Ultimately the property was developed and Little Gracewood became Gracewood Lane.

After graduating from college, Nancy’s first job was teaching in Indian River public schools. Later, she was married and moved to New York where she taught school in New York City. Over the years she brought her family back to the beach house often. Nancy built her own house on the street, and after retiring from teaching in New York, moved permanently to Vero Beach in 2002.

The “Bobcat on Gracewood Lane” describes a bobcat that recently strolled down her driveway and stopped to drink water from a puddle left by the rain. It is a nice reminder of the wildlife still around us, and is available for purchase only at the Environmental learning Center Gift Shop for $4.95 each.

Ms. Hopwood autographed and donated the books to the ELC, allowing 100% of the proceeds help to fund environmental education in Indian River County.

The gift shop is open 10 am to 4 pm Tuesday through Friday, 9 am to 4 pm Saturdays, and 1 pm to 4 pm Sundays.

The Environmental Learning Center is located north of Vero Beach, off County road 510 at the end of the Wabasso Bridge. Its 64-acre island campus includes exhibit areas, native plant gardens, picnic facilities, gift shop, and visitor center.

Visit for a list of its many field excursions, including hikes, boat excursions, nature walks and bird watching or call (772) 589-5050 to request a schedule to be mailed to you.

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