1st of 48 surrendered birds flies coop at Humane Society to forever flock

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY — The first of 48 birds surrendered to the Humane Society has been adopted out to its forever family – or flock.

Vero Beach resident Diane Nagel went to the agency Wednesday morning looking to take one of the birds home. She found the red canary and knew he had to join her flock.

“They are very social,” Nagel said of canaries, which is why she opted to adopt the lone canary that was relinquished by a Sebastian breeder.

Nagel has several canaries at home, including a red named Figaro.

“I haven’t thought about it yet,” Nagel said of naming the newest addition to her brood. She said she’d wait to see what his personality is before making the decision.

The canary, along with a parrot, nine parakeets and 37 cockatiels, were taken to the Humane Society of Vero Beach and Indian River County on Monday after authorities convinced the breeder she was in over her head.

Nagel said that she was glad that the breeder chose to hand over the birds to the Humane Society for re-homing, noting that many times people will just release the birds into the wild – many of which succumb to the elements, die of starvation or become prey.

“He’ll be a welcome addition to the group,” Nagel said of the canary she was taking home.

She has a large cage that currently houses eight other canaries. That cage is situated in the middle of an indoor garden plush with palms and other foliage and under a skylight.

“It’s a very natural setting,” Nagel said.

The Humane Society has 47 more birds to adopt out, a few of which might also find homes today. The lobby of the Adoption Center was bustling with people filling out adoption forms and staff was busy explaining the process.

Those interested in adopting one of the birds or any other animal at the shelter should call (772) 388-3331.

To read about the Sebastian breeder who relinquished the 48 birds, click HERE.

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