RCT announces Rascals’ Revolt! casting

VERO BEACH — Casting has been announced for Riverside Children’s Theatre’s annual Riverside Rascals show, “Rascal’s Revolt!”   The show will be presented in the Anne Morton Theatre July 9 at 1:30 and 7:30 p.m. and July 10 at 1:30 p.m. Tickets are $8.

The original show features musical theatre that was considered revolutionary in its time.  New material to most of the students, director Angelo Cerniglia has encouraged his cast members to share the music with their parents as they will find it familiar.

The two week performance based camp started Monday with auditions and casting with all camp members getting a part.  Campers will also get to help make the sets and be involved in the entire creative process.

Joining Cerniglia in the production staff are Deborah Quillinan, Brandon Carter and Graciela Binaghi.  Cast members include Peter Wixon, Catalina Pratt, Isabelle Normand, Sophia Ferraro, Mia Webber, Ava Webber, Luke Webber, Melanie Furka, Samantha Skinnider, Alegra Muilenburg, Kara Mase, Cooper Wright, Evelyn Alvarez, Emily Renkel, Ian Renkel, Lakia Patterson, Sandro Bourque, Jack Karshner, Riley Lowell, Alexander Martino, Taylor Beckman, Lea Cortillo, Brianna Cooksey, Ali Heyes, Olivia Lazorik, Lilly Connell, Whitney Foote, Clara Grace Martin, Alexa Slaven, Lauren London, Zoe Nevins, Anna Birnholz, Adira Birnholz, Makenzie Ross, Michala Calahan, Piper Wild, Karissa Mokoban, Alyssa Ruby, Meghan Frampton, Branna Frampton, Brody Vance, Brighton Vance, Caitlin Camick, Alexios McDonald, Anna Devane, Sammie Schulman, Samantha Cass and Tre Hodge.

For tickets, call the box office at 772-231-6990 or 800-445-6745 or visit www.riversidetheatre.com.


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