Walker on way to Pittsburgh makes stop in Sebastian

SEBASTIAN – A man and his dog both wearing orange backpacks made a stop recently in Sebastian on their way north to Pittsburgh. They are walkers for a cause – the Children’s Defense Fund.

Kyle Fager and his golden retriever, Adama, set out from Florida City on April 14, and two weeks later, had made it as far as Sebastian.

Fager and Adama stopped at the Sebastian Police Department to find out if there were any legal places to pitch a tent in town for the night. Without one, the travelers were left to find lodging elsewhere.

“There’s no stopping the blisters,” Fager said of all the walking the pair is doing. For seven hours a day, they walk.

Fager expects them to reach Pittsburgh by late July or early August, depending on how their feet hold up and the weather.

The 1300-mile trip is meant to raise awareness for the Children’s Defense Fund, which Fager supports because it helps children have a level playing field.

Along the way, he is accepting donations for the fund, as well as collecting pledges. He’s also blogging about the experience on his Web site, www.WhatWeveGot.com.

Armed with a netbook and smartphone, Fager can keep the site fresh with photos of his travels with Adama and readers updated as to where they’ve stopped and where they’re headed.

“The goal, after all, is to meet and speak to as many people as possible,” he wrote in his blog – not only drawing attention to the cause, but also to himself and his companion. More eyes mean more safety.

The travelers do their best to “rough it” while hiking across the country – pitching their tent in areas they consider safe. Every so often, though, no such place exists and they hunt for a dog-friendly hotel.

The Children’s Defense Fund is a national organization that’s mission is to provide all children with a healthy and moral start to life by supporting policies and programs that lift children out of poverty, protect them from abuse and neglect, and ensure their access to health care, quality education and a moral and spiritual foundation.

To learn more about the Children’s Defense Fund, visit www.ChildrensDefense.org., or make a donation or pledge by e-mailing kylefager@comcast.net.

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