Have Camera: What I could buy if I had Tiger Woods’ money

Once upon a time I would have said Hasselblad, hands down, my midlife crisis purchase.

After carrying heavy camera bodies around for the last eight years, I ditched that idea and thought about the new Leica, a status buy if anything. But, I really can’t turn my back on the company that has treated me so well over the years, Canon.

The camera I would buy if I had Tiger Woods’ money (which is almost what you need) would be the Canon EOS – 1D Mark IV. Here’s a link for the specs: http://bit.ly/273RJJ.

The Mark IV comes in at just about $5,000 for the body. No lenses. No bag. No on-camera flash.

For 5-grand.

Being a dual camera, shooting video and stills, this would possibly eliminate one camera I carry. This, in my opinion would be a perfect camera for photojournalists and my dream camera. For now, if I have to buy a camera it will most likely be the more moderately priced Canon 7D.

But the purchase of the Mark IV is a purchase not based in reality unless I have a rich relative I don’t know about that reads this and sends me the money.

It’s a 16.1-megapixel camera with up to an ISO of 12800 and is capable of shooting full HD video.

The camera is a beast.

If I had it now, I’d love to just put the shutter next to my snoring cat’s head to wake him up and stop him from snoring.

Then again, my wife might do the same thing to me at 3 a.m.

What would be your dream camera?

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