State investigating city’s utility contract

VERO BEACH – The state attorney’s office is investigating details of the city’s contract with the Orlando Utilities Commission, top city leaders confirmed.

Assistant State Attorney Chris Taylor would not confirm or deny the existence of any investigation, but City Councilmember Charlie Wilson, City Clerk Tammy Vock and City Manager Jim Gabbard said an investigation is underway. “I received a request to make a copy of the DVD of the April 15 city council meeting for the State Attorney’s office,” Vock said. “That’s the only thing I’ve been asked to provide for them.”

The investigation has been going on since late October, when Vero Beach 32963, the sister publication of detailed in a lengthy report that when the contract was signed two years ago most council members had not read a full and complete version of the document.

“It’s been going on since sometime between when the stories came out that the council members hadn’t read the contract and election day,” Wilson said.

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