Triple A, B, C threat rare, but not a record

The tropics featured a rare triple threat the past two days — simultaneous named storms beginning with the letters A, B, and C. The last time this occurred was in the slow-starting 1984 hurricane season, when Tropical Storms Arthur, Bertha, and Cesar were all active on Sept. 1.

This year’s A, B, and C storms all got their names in just a 33 hour span. This is not a record, since in 1995, three tropical storms — Humberto, Iris, and Jerry — got their names in a 27-hour span (thanks to NOAA’s Ryan Sharp for looking up this stat).From Dr. Jeff Masters’ Aug. 17 Wunderblog on the Weather Underground. Dr. Jeff Masters is a former NOAA Hurricane Hunter who co-founded the Weather Underground website in 1995.

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