Motorsports, fluoride and cell towers on Fellsmere agenda

By Debbie Carson, Online Editor

FELLSMERE — Fellsmere city leaders will discuss tonight the possibility of bringing motorsports back to MESA Park, along with the status of adding fluoride to the water, and the number of antennas on cell towers in the city.

The Fellsmere City Council will meet at 7 p.m. to hear a presentation from Ike Heckler Jr., of Treasure Coast Motorsports. Heckler is proposing to bring mud-bogging and tractor pulls to MESA Park by October. The proposal consists of a 3-month trial period after Mud Bog Mania’s groundbreaking planned for Oct. 10 – if the council were to approve. Already, there are at least 75 truck drivers who have expressed interest in participating in the inaugural event, according to Heckler.


Among other issues the Fellsmere City Council is expected to take up are the city’s water supply and cell towers.

A member of the Florida Department of Health is scheduled to make a presentation to the council about the status of adding fluoride to the city’s water.

According to Mayor Susan Adams, the city voted years ago to have the fluoride added. However, it never happened. The council expects to find out why tonight.

The city council is also expected to discuss the number of users and antennas allowed on the cell tower currently under construction. RGP Tower Group Inc. is responsible for building the tower.

Prior to the 7 p.m. Fellsmere City Council meeting, the Community Redevelopment Agency will meet for half an hour to discuss colors and beautification projects. The projects include the “Merchant Improvement Area” consisting of Broadway Street and New York Avenue, and two parks – Tallahassee and Pennsylvania.

The CRA is also expected to reimburse the city’s general fund through grant funding for costs associated with the 2008 and 2009 Fellsmere Frog Leg Festival. The grant amount is nearly $11,983.

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