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VIDEO: Take A Kid Fishing: Kiwanis fishing tournament

{youtube}2P3vy7HPaTA{/youtube} Kids wait for a bite during the Take A Kid Fishing: Kiwanis fishin

VIDEO: June Concert in the Park

{youtube}_Fl8vbqeWc0{/youtube} John Mackin and the Fins perform during the last of the 12th Annua

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BUZZ: Sneezing panda, zombie love, and IHOP

It always amazed me how big sneezes come from such small creatures - or people for that matter. Have

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BUZZ: Soccer playing dogs, world order, and confession apps

I'm guessing that the people of Ireland just thought that the dog was funny and they didn't want to

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BUZZ: Bieber, Serval cats, and Cockroaches for Valentine’s Day?

Happy Valentine's Day! Married, single or dating - everyone seems to be talking about Valentine's

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BUZZ: Fox licking, Super Bowl Marketing, and eating off someone’s neck?

After being in journalism for a while, especially working in Florida, a lot doesn't surprise me. But

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BUZZ: Neutering friends, the force, and Egypt

 I've decided to add a new feature to this blog. The greatest thing about social media is the visua

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BUZZ: Ninja monkeys, privacy settings, and year old pancake mix

Every subject from food, football, and cool visuals graced our social network feeds for today's blog

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BUZZ: What’s the buzz in our communities?

Bzzzzz…..If you're addicted to social media (in a good way) this is the blog for you. Part of the


PHOTOS: Facebook friend shares photos from VNA AirShow

Martel Cleaning's Photos - 2009 VNA AirShow: