BUZZ: Ninja monkeys, privacy settings, and year old pancake mix

Every subject from food, football, and cool visuals graced our social network feeds for today’s blog.

Under social media news you’ll see that facebook has changed its privacy settings again. There are always good and bad feelings when this happens. I for one wish they’d give us a choice.


Top Crazy post:

OMG today my imaginary friend was caught on fire by the purple gummy bears and the ninja monkeys tried to put it out with gasoline!

Social Media News:

Facebook privacy setting have changed again. I tweeted this before but wanted to remind everyone again:

 — FB privacy setting called “Instant Personalization.” The new setting shares your data with non-FB sites & is automatically set to “Enabled.” Go to Account&>Privacy Settings&>Apps & Websites&>Instant Personalization&>edit settings & uncheck “Enable” if you want to opt out.


“I end my night with “Wild World” by Cat Stevens. Always.”

 “These pancakes taste pretty good for me using mix that expired a year and a half ago.”

 “Got my son a pet rabbit. Joked about her also being a fertilizer factory. Turns out it’s our bunny’s singular occupation. Love to repurpose!”

 “Is lookin’ for some Gator Tail… Annnd,,, Not the kind you buy!!! Gonna bring, singlehandedly, ‘The Florida Cracker Back to this Peninsula!!!'”

 “Let Mommy have a cup of coffee, for the sake of world peace.”

 From Twitter:

 Actual newspaper headline – Stolen Painting Found by Tree

Now That’s A Cool Photo –

Aaron Rodgers crashed into me on the sidelines yesterday & snapped my Gitzo monopod in half. Here’s the story:

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