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Dentists become first line of defense against sleep apnea

Everybody knows – or thinks they know – what to expect from a trip to the dentist. But Dr. Jenna

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SRMC set for expansion under new owner

The planned expansion of the Sebastian River Medical Center, which will include a 3-story tower with


Doc sounds the alarm on risk of over-medication for seniors

Dr. Raman Ashta is hardly the first person to move south to Vero Beach in order to spend her time do


In treating heart failure, hard to beat ‘team’ approach

If you had taken a snapshot of heart failure in America just a couple of years ago, it wouldn’t ha


TrueBeam surgery still on ‘cutting edge’ as cancer-killer

Newly arrived radiation oncologist Dr. Paul Pagnini of the Scully-Welsh cancer center is up for a kn


Better roadmap emerges for treating prostate cancer

Medicine is such a fast-changing field, with so many important advances happening all the time, that


Versatile surgeon has appetite for weight-loss surgery

As a general surgeon with Indian River Medical Center, Dr. Theodore (Ted) Perry’s catalogue raison


Home healthcare firm Trilogy planning Vero office

Kim Weir may be a self-professed “small-town girl from Michigan,” but as the executive vice pres


Scully-Welsh confronts rare case of acute myeloid leukemia

Delivering bad news is something no doctor enjoys, but it is part of the job for Scully-Welsh medica


IRMC’s new Scully Endoscopy Center opens for business

After roughly seven months of construction, IRMC’s new $6.1 million Scully Endoscopy Center opened


Medical pot can be ‘godsend’ for chronic pain sufferers

Dr. Alita Sikora practices integrative medicine, which Duke Medicine defines as “an approach to ca


Hurtin’ for certain? Doc specializes in treating chronic pain

While it is certain chronic pain is one of the most common problems facing Americans, the number of