Big Plans for Beachside Bonfire Fest 3

Hotel and restaurants along with members of the Vero Beach Lifeguard Association joined together to plan for the highly popular Beachside Bonfire Fest to be held Saturday November 13, 2021, from 5-9 PM.  The Beachside Bonfire Fest is to benefit the Vero Beach Lifeguard Association, to help provide funding for more beach protection, lifesaving equipment and the Humiston Beach headquarters.  Erik Toomsoo president of the association commented, “we are so appreciative of the support we get…our mission is simple and yet so important to both our tourists and our residents, to promote lifeguarding and water safety in Vero Beach and the surrounding communities.”

Participants this year will be Waldo’s featuring a Country BBQ, Costa d’Este Resort & Spa presenting Latin Night, Mulligans bringing forward a Hawaiian Luau complete with fire dancer, and new to the group, The Boiler with a

Masquerade Party. Guests will be enjoying drink specials, music, food for purchase, Raffle chances and of course real or faux bonfires. Paris Air of Vero Beach will be swooping in at 5pm to deliver the ceremonial torch lights for the bonfires. Open to the public!

Lifeguards and Fire rescue volunteers will be on hand to provide public safety. For more information please please call Erik Toomsoo at (908)797-8725. 

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