YSF Family Breaks Record Family Participation at Quail Valley Charities Annual 5K Walk/Run

Youth Sailing Foundation’s Poole family of sailors was up early as Saturday January 7th dawned cool and bright over the old live oaks at Quail Valley River Club.  Christina and Jeff Poole had all seven children ready to walk and run in Quail Valley Charities Annual 5K Walk/Run.

First-up at 7:30 AM for the one-mile fun walk/run were the Hard Corps Five from Team Poole. With twins Ella and Lillian, age 11, leading the way; all five took home a medal.

The entire Team Poole was ready for the 5K race about 30 minutes later. Christina and Jeff had all seven children ready to go, including four-month-old Gloria.

The Poole twins Ella and Lillian, and Samuel, were first to join Youth Sailing Foundation coming aboard in September 2021. Avelette came aboard in fall 2022 as she turned 8 years old. With Gloria not turning 8 until 2030, there will a steady stream of Poole sailors for years to come.

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