Man accused of firing air rifle at neighbor

SEBASTIAN — A 54-year-old man accused of firing shots from an air rifle at his neighbor told deputies he was just outside doing target practice, authorities said.

Greg Allan Jammel, of the 8700 block of 51st Terrace, Sebastian, was charged with shooting or throwing a deadly missile, criminal mischief and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He was released Thursday from the Indian River County Jail on $4,500 bond.

Deputies went to the scene about 6 p.m. Wednesday at the block where Jammel resides. Deputies spoke with the neighbor, who said he had earlier went to his truck outside to get his cellphone.

When the neighbor opened the driver’s door, he heard “what sounded like a high-powered air rifle being shot,” deputies said. Then, he heard a loud noise from the passenger side of his truck from “what appeared to be a projectile hitting it.”

The neighbor said he saw a BB round from a BB gun bouncing on the driveway. He went to his car port to take cover and was in fear for his life.

The neighbor said he then saw Jammel run back into his home. Jammel was holding what appeared to be the butt stock of a rifle, deputies said.

Deputies looked at the neighbor’s truck and noticed a small dent consistent with being hit by a projectile, leaving about $1,000 worth of damage.  Deputies went to Jammel’s home and detained him.

When deputies told Jammel he was under arrest for shooting an air rifle at his neighbor, Jammel said that he was just outside doing target practice and that the bullet must’ve been a ricochet.

Jammel showed deputies an air rifle and BB gun he had inside the home. Deputies said that a BB fired from the rifle travels at 1,000 feet per second, which could cause great bodily harm or death.

Jammel was arrested and taken to the county jail for booking.

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