600 wing to open after school mold issue

VERO BEACH — Part of a local school that underwent a mold remediation is now safe for students.

Surface mold was found August 4 at Osceola Magnet School, 1110 18th Ave. S.W., Vero Beach, by teachers and custodians last week.

Last weekend, two professional mold remediation companies did a deep cleaning and inspection of the 600, 700 and 800 wings at the school, where the surface mold was found. School resumed as normal the first week, with students, about 530 total, being moved to other classrooms such as the art and music rooms.

On Wednesday, school officials were notified the 600 wing was free of mold, and tests found air quality in that section of the school was satisfactory.

A plan of action was made for the K-1 students and teachers to move back into their wing, school district officials said. The district’s Physical Plant and Maintenance Department did a walk-through and visual inspection of the 600 wing before 2 p.m. Wednesday.

After that, teachers moved into the wing Wednesday afternoon and students started the day in their classrooms Thursday morning, school district officials said. The 700 and 800 wings will remain closed as the district awaits mold and air quality test results from those areas of the school.

“Our teachers were amazing this week, creating structured and positive lessons while co-teaching in new classrooms,” said principal Scott Simpson in a news release. “Our kindergarten and first grade teachers are excited to move back into their classrooms, where we can continue to be one of the highest-performing schools in the state of Florida.”

Excused absences will continue to be given until Friday and early release schedules remain effective, school district officials said.


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