5 ways summer education benefits children

(BPT) – For months, your kids have been waiting for the moment when the final bell rings and they’re able to enjoy the freedom of summer.

For parents, it’s a different story. Summer vacation can mean a scramble to put together a schedule of activities, day camps and more. If you’re currently in the process of how to go about structuring your child’s summer, one of the most important things you can do is enroll them in a learning program.

The mind, like a muscle, needs exercise. While summer might be their favorite time of the year, it is also a time where your kids can easily forget the skills they learned over the school year. Being able to maintain and advance those skills is essential. Here are five reasons it’s important to make sure your child keeps learning through the summer.

1. Give your child an early start

It’s hard to overstate the importance of early childhood education. Enrolling your preschooler (from ages 3 and up) in Kumon’s enrichment program is a great way to develop the math and reading skills that lead to a lifelong love of learning. Registration is free during the month of June, at participating centers.

2. Provide your child an academic advantage

With schools becoming increasingly competitive, students of all ages need all the advantages they can get. Supplemental education programs offer children an opportunity to get ahead and enjoy learning. The earlier they get started, the better.

3. Avoid summer setback

Time and time again, research has confirmed what is known as “summer slide.” Most children lose about two months of mathematical computation skills over the summer. Small daily learning exercises can prevent this slide and help advance your child’s skills.

4. Help them develop foundational skills

For students who have struggled with subjects during the school year, enrolling in a learning program during summer can be a huge benefit. There will be fewer distractions from other courses and extracurricular activities, and sometimes a different instructional method is needed for the material to stick.

5. There’s less pressure

It’s often the case that students struggle to cope with the pressure of grades and permanent records. This can prevent them from reaching their full potential. Learning programs like Kumon do away with these stressors, allowing your child to fully explore certain subjects and experience the joy of learning.

To get your child enrolled in a program that uses an engaging and proven method, go to www.kumon.com and learn more about the opportunities that await your child.


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