Telephone scammers resurface in Fellsmere

FELLSMERE — Businesses in Fellsmere have been targeted by scammers claiming to be from Florida Power & Light.

Four Fellsmere area businesses called the Fellsmere Police Department today to report suspicious phone calls from someone claiming to represent Florida Power & Light. The “representative” told the businesses that they owed money on their electric bill and someone was on the way to shut off their power.

The “representative” then provided the business with an 800 telephone number and a specific extension to call and make payment arrangements. The number provided was 1-800-978-0028, extension 207 and the person to speak to about the matter was named “Anthony,” according to authorities.

The businesses called the number and those who got through were asked to pay with pre-loaded credit cards. They were also given area locations where they could obtain the cards.

The instructions given to the businesses were similar to those given during the last FPL scam to surface in Fellsmere. Police made residents aware of that scam in a Facebook post dated Dec. 31, 2014.

FPL would like people to report any calls to their 800 number, which can be obtained here:

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