Home Prep: Break out the plywood and generator

In the days and hours leading up to a hurricane, check the forecast and follow these steps to protect your home.

  • Keep track of the advisories issued by the weather forecasters (locations, strength and movement of the hurricane).
  • Cover all windows and sliding glass doors with a hard covering. Hurricane shutters can protect your home from extensive storm damage. A hard window covering will minimize damage from wind-thrown debris and wind pressure, which can break windows. Garage doors, too, should be reinforced.
  • Secure outdoor objects (debris) or bring them indoors.
  • Check the battery, oil, water and fuel your car.
  • Check the contents of your Disaster Supplies Kit
  • Make prior arrangements for the safety of your pets. They will not be allowed in public shelters.
  • Turn the temperature control on your refrigerator and freezer to the coldest setting. If the power goes off and the doors are kept tightly closed, a refrigerator will keep food for up to 24 hours or more, a freezer up to 48 hours or more. Insulate the outside of both the refrigerator and freezer with blankets. This will aid in keeping both appliances cool.

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