Changes to GoLine transit routes start Nov. 1

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY — Changes to the Senior Resource Association’s (SRA) GoLine Indian River Transit System in Sebastian will go into effect on Nov. 1. These changes are a result of several workshops that took place earlier in the year between Sebastian city officials, Indian River County MPO staff and staff from Senior Resource Association.

The City of Sebastian is partnering with SRA to create a new transit hub at Barber Street and US 1, complete with a covered bus shelter, where routes 11 and 12 will connect at the top of every hour from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Route 11, which goes between Vero Beach and Sebastian using US 1, will now operate on a 1-hour headway between Sebastian River Medical Center and the main transit hub in Vero Beach. This will allow the route enough time to have a greater presence in Sebastian and will ensure connectivity with route 12 in Sebastian, and routes 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, and 14 in Vero Beach.

New Route 11 stops in Sebastian will be at:

Park Place

Barber St. and Arcadia Dr.

Day Dr. and Schuman Dr.

Schuman Dr. and Dahl Ave.

Schuman Dr. and Empress Ave.

Schuman Dr. and Englar Dr.

Englar Dr. and George St.

George St. and Vine Ave.

Fleming St. and Wave St.

Easy St. and Wimbrow Dr.

Easy St. and Dickens Ave.

County Road 512 and Delaware Ave.

County Road 512 and Wimbrow Dr. (Eastbound)

County Road 512 and Ashbury Blvd. (Westbound)

County Road 512 and High St. (Eastbound)

U.S. Highway 1 and Coolidge St.

County Road 512 and Louisiana Ave. (Westbound)

U.S. Highway 1 and Martin Ave.

The Roseland Plaza (Northbound)

Route 12 will be adding a stop at Roseland Rd. and Doctor Ave.

Route 5 will no longer be stopping at:

Vocelle Ave. and Durant St.

Louisiana Ave. and Foster Rd.

County Road 512 and High St. (stop is now served by route 11)

Georgia Blvd. and Wimbrow Dr.

But Route 5 will be gaining additional stops at:

Barber St. and Cody Ave.

The Pelican Isle Apartments

The Roseland Plaza (Northbound)

Sebastian River Medical Center (where it will meet at the top of every hour)

The Route 5 and Route 11 stop inside Riverwalk Plaza will be moved to US 1.

There is no increase in the transit system’s operating costs for these changes to take place, and all 60 currently existing stops in Sebastian, unless mentioned above, will still be serviced.

These changes were approved by Sebastian City Council in June and the Indian River County Metropolitan Planning Organization in August. All changes are currently posted on the GoLine routes.

Revised GoLine maps will be available after Nov. 1. For more information, call (772) 569-0903.

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