BONZ: Hugo sends a postcard all the way from NY

Last month, when my human came in with the mail, there for the first time ever was a postcard just for me – and on the front: a fabulous photo of my poodle friend Hugo. All the way from upstate New York!

My human says Hugo is a true gentleman. Even when you tell him to do something rude, he still knows to be polite. I met him with his human, Katharine Carter, at the dog park when they were brand new to the neighborhood.

Hugo and I were having a wonderful visit, when all of a sudden, Katharine told Hugo to take off. “You go!” she said. But did Hugo go? No, he did not. He turned right around and went and sat by her. “Good, boy, Hugo!” she said happily and gave his curly brown coat a big rubdown.

When it was time to go, our humans called out, “Hugo! Bonzo!” So I went bonzo, running in circles and leaping around. But Hugo didn’t go bonzo. He just went running back to Katharine.

Now that’s some manners.

When I got my postcard from Hugo, my human told me that was an old-fashioned way of sending me his love.

Imagine! Love is something you can feel on a piece of paper! It just flies in through the air from someone far away! I took Hugo’s card in my mouth and I chewed on that idea.

I must have chewed a long time, because last week, when I was missing Hugo, my postcard was gone.

I went outside to see if I could snatch some of his love out of the air. But all I got was blue sky all over my mouth. “You’ve got the blues for Hugo,” my human said.

Turns out, Katharine told her Hugo needed some of my blue. He’s feeling crummy, and Katharine’s afraid it’s something called Cushing’s disease that made him drink, eat and sleep a lot while he was here in Vero. Katharine feels bad because she thought that was normal in Florida. But when he got back to New York, his dog groomer noticed something wasn’t right.

If there’s one thing that can make missing worse, it’s worry. If I were up in New York with Hugo, I’d pull all the cushions off the couch and pile them up high for him so he’d be comfortable with his cushions disease.

Katharine says Hugo would think it was bad manners to make us worry. So she’s asking all her friends to imagine Hugo bathed in blue light and send him healing energy. I think that’s a great idea. If all my baths were in blue light instead of cold water, I’d feel a lot better too.

So let’s all reach our noses up to the sky, snatch up some of our healing blue light, and put it in the mailbox for Hugo so he feels better soon. You go, Hugo! You know we’re bonzo for you.

Till next time,

The Bonz

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