Non-Vero residents’ water, sewer rates to change

VERO BEACH — After a short discussion, the Vero Beach City Council voted unanimously to repeal a “previously adopted water and sewer rate structure and charges for services in the unincorporated areas located within the city’s water and sewer utility service area,” including the Town of Indian River Shores.

Residents of the unincorporated areas have expressed a desire to switch to a County rate structure for water and sewer, and the Indian River County government has expressed support.

According to the memorandum provided by City Manager Jim O’Connor, the new rate structure would have very little impact on the City’s revenue.

“For South Beach customers it looks like if we convert to County rates we’ll see a 4.3 percent increase in revenue and on the mainland we’ll have a slight decrease in revenues,” said Councilwoman Pilar Turner, adding, “You’re going to be hearing from your high-volume users. It’s going to have a significant effect on Indian River Hospital and Vero Beach Elementary. At least for our two highest water users, they’re going to see a significant increase.”

After Turner’s comments, Council voted 5-0 to approve the new rate structure.

Staff Reporter Lisa Zahner contributed to this article

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