Basic Principles of Art for kids in February

VERO BEACH — These are the best and most comprehensive art courses in Vero Beach for kids from 6 to 14.

Basic Principals of Art l is a primary art class for children from 6 to 10. Starting with basic drawing, each week the kids will tackle a different technique using historical references and then creating their own interpretations.

They don’t just paint here; they learn about painters like Renoir and Picasso, color theory, stretch their own canvas, and then paint on it. This is different.

Some of the class topics are: drawing, painting, block printing, shading and form, how to draw faces, etc.

The 8-week course cost is $158, which includes supplies.

Basic Principals of Art ll is a continuation of Art 1 that can also be fun for more advanced students. This class will include sculpture, collage, painting, and more.

This 8-week course cost also runs $158 and includes supplies.

Introduction to Artistic Principals is for children ages 11 to 14 at all levels of competence. Topics include: using charcoal as a medium; the origins of photography where kids will actually make their own pinhole camera; woodblock printing and impressionist painting.

They’ll learn about artists and movements and why they are important. Most significant, they’ll develop life skills that will help them with visualization, design, and develop confidence in their own creative expression.

This 8-week course cost is $176 and includes supplies.

“My daughter Megan so loved the art class. It really sparked an interest, not just in drawing, but in learning about artists and elements of art. She loved it and is looking forward to more. She even does her drawings at home now all the time. The way it was taught made it fun and interesting,” stated Mrs. Courtney DiPietro.

Please call to get schedule information at (772) 567-2212. Ask for Megan.

If your child has a desire to learn and a creative spark, this is the best educational art experience they can be exposed to.

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Barry Shapiro, BFA Pratt Institute of Art, and Megan Hoots, BFA Savannah College of Art and Design

Lighthouse Art and Framing, where these courses are being held, is located at 1875 14th Ave., Vero Beach. They can be reached by phone at (772) 567-2212, by email at, or by visiting their website at .

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