EATS: Help! No ideas for dinner

HELP!! I am in dire need of your assistance for dinner tonight. I have no clue what to whip up for dinner and I really don’t want to order out.

I’ve gone through a dozen cookbooks. Reviewed the recipes stored on my computer from various websites. Asked Hubby what he wants – “whatever you want to make” – *sigh*

I seem to have fallen into a bit of a rut – Stir fry, meatloaf, pasta, Mexican, grill, bake, hot dogs, you name it.

I have chicken breasts in the freezer, along with ground turkey and pork chops. The veggie bin is relatively full – though not enough lettuce for salad. And most the staples are on hand.

I’d rather not run out to the store to pick up an item – but will if it means no pizza or take-out tonight!

So, I’m begging you…what should I make for dinner tonight? What are you having? I’m hoping for a little inspiration. And, of course, Hubby’s just hoping to be fed!

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